The Life and Times

Part 4: The truth will set them free. More or less.

Chapter 43

"To expostulate why day is day, night night, and time is time, 
were nothing but to waste night, day, and time"
Hamlet, Act ii, Sc.2

Piper, Paige Phoebe, Cole and the children had an early supper. Leo had not returned from what they supposed was his trip to the library in France, and Rodik seeing Cole sit down had stuffed half a bowl of vegetable lasagne into his mouth and ran muttering noises where occasionally the word whore, miscreant and damned could be understood.

During supper Phoebe told Cole that Melinda was helping find Willem and he sucked on his lips and frowned but said nothing.

After supper Cole had gone up stairs and returned with a rathe ugly giant panda that had been Victor's wife, Margaret's gift to Melinda and then to her delight he taught her how to levitate into the air and kick the panda in any direction. She was having a great game and was even able to thump the panda straight into a fireball and deflect it. The result was the panda took quite a beating but Melinda was very proud of herself. She kept kicking it higher and higher and calling "I'm good girl I'm a clever girl Mommy look at meeeeeeeeee."

"Who says Margaret doesn't give useful gifts?" giggled Phoebe as the game ended when the panda literally got the stuffing kicked out of it.

Patsy was in an 'I want to be by myself' mood and was busy in the middle of the floor piling blocks in very odd patterns that somehow balanced despite themselves. The witches sat on the sofa, Book of Shadows on their laps, looking again to find something that might give them some advantage over Willem, make the potion stronger or the freeze. Anything.

With the game with Unca Cole finished because the panda expired, Melinda planted herself firmly on her mother's knee. She flicked through the Book of Shadow looking at all the animal entries, particularly the cats.

"Pussy mommy" she kept saying.

"Don't even say it" Piper growled as Paige opened her mouth.

Phoebe stood up looking for a pen that worked to take notes and Cole sat on the floor beside Patsy who was not all that thrilled to have his concentration broken, slamming at the floor in temper, but he finally allowed daddy to help him move the blocks, guiding Cole's hand to exactly where he wanted the blocks to go.

Cole glanced at Phoebe in dry amusement and she smiled her eyes soft and just a teeny watery as she watched the ex-demon of the century play with their son.

Melinda when she realised Patsy was the centre of Cole's attention did not smile. Cole, paying attention to Patsy, was from her point of view Cole ignoring Melinda which was not to her fantasy. She slipped a magic thump and pinch at Patsy who let out a loud scream and jumped to his feet.

Patsy was not interested in daddy beside him. He was not of the opinion that daddy being nearly the most powerful creature in the realms was enough to save him from a jealous witch cousin. There was only one person who could save him. He toddled to Phoebe as hard a he could. Melinda screamed loudly and sent another pinch at Whosit who clutched mom's legs, hiding behind her for safety, then giggled happy as Piper caught Melinda's hands and told her very firmly she was going to bed.

"We have to get Willem" she said carting Melinda upstairs "Melinda's out of control."


Leo pulled back out of the spin of spirit winds and orbed into his and Piper's bedroom. "O M G Cole" he said out loud. " just OMG, you had a  career."

He sat their for a while, just thinking and waiting and finally, after checking Wyatt was asleep and Melinda was in bed muttering to herself, he could no longer put it off. He quickly checked on Patsy who was asleep on his tummy. "God you're your father's son" Leo told him.

Leo went downstairs. The family were still in the living room. Cole was on the sofa reading while the three witches, Phoebe snuggled as close to Cole as she could, still discussed the ins and out of getting Willem as fast as possible.

"Where have you been?" Piper demanded snappily with what Leo recognised her worried voice. He kissed her gently while Phoebe and Cole.

"Visiting your warlock friends in the eclipse" Leo grinned back. "I understand now Cole" he said quietly.

"Understand what?" asked Cole suspiciously.

"What" said Rodik right behind Leo about to slink back into the kitchen.

Cole glared at him and raised his hand.

"You don't scare me Belthezor" sniffed Rodik trying to hide behind Leo, who stepped out of his way."

"Shut the fuck up" said Leo.

"I will not" screamed Rodik "you can hold me here as a prisoner but you won't break me."

"Go " said Phoebe not looking at him " who's stopping you"."

"That…demon is summoning his warlock friends" screamed Rodik "To attack me if I leave because he's to gutless to kill me here."

Cole could not help himself he raised what looked like a fireball on his hand and then pursed his lips and blew it at Rodik. Rodik was surrounded by what apparent fire, which he struck at it yelling while the family watched him amused. It finally dawned on Rodik that it was only light and he splat it until he faded and then with something between a sniff and a cry he ran upstairs, screaming Angela's name.

"Whose going to believe him?" said Cole as Phoebe glared at him. Paige pretended to be annoyed and Piper laughed.

"That shut him the fuck up" said Piper a smirk on her face.

"We can shut him up permanently if we get Willem" sighed Paige. "For us anyway. God help the next witches who get stuck with him. Damn Cole why didn't you just kill him."

"Because it would be evil" said Cole mildly.

"How could you kill to solve every problem when you knew it was evil when you were a demon?" Leo demanded irritate with Cole. And you can't now."

"Because I was evil" said Cole mildly.

"I don't believe you" said Leo as Cole narrowed his eyes with some concern. "I found out what Cole knows about getting Willem" Leo announced ignoring Cole's concerns

"What did you change into?" snipped Cole "the evil Oracle?"

"Just about" snarked Leo back.

"Stop it" ordered Paige no longer seeing a humour in anything. "Are you going to tell us who?"

"Cole" said Leo happily and enjoyed the reactions all three girls gapped. "Demon Belthezor" he explained.

"When he was a nasty demon?" said Piper.

"When he was doing evil things?" said Paige.

"Yep" said Leo as Phoebe sat up and gently reached for Cole's hand.

Cole flushed in anger and...fear, "When?" he asked tightly.

"The time when Willem used the memory spells" said Leo "just long enough to find out how to get Willem" Leo explained not quite meeting the Cole's eyes.

Cole after a few seconds nodded knowing at this point there was nothing he could do.

"How do we get Willem?" asked Phoebe a trifle testily.

."You got it wrong" Leo told the witches because he was no longer their whitelighter and did not have to share blame. All three witches snarled.

"How do we get him?" Piper demanded.

"The way you knew, the transmergence power." Leo said in his best whitelighter giving advice.

"That's the big mystery" said Paige disgusted "Why is it when you find the answers to mysteries they're always really dull?"."

"Not necessarily" said Leo glancing at Cole who was starting to look irritated.

"Okay" said Leo giving in "It was trying to pull out the good powers before you vanquished him" Leo explained. "that stuffed it."

"I told those damned whitelighters" said Piper snappily. "That it was a waste. Pulling out powers. He has enough powers to counteract any witches power.

"What about Power of three?" said Paige.

"Unless you can work it around every power he has", if you can find out what they are" said Leo I'm guessing no."

"Damn" said all three witches.

"It's's the way evil works. Cole knows this" Leo said.

."What do I know?" demanded Cole not likely Leo's smugness at all.

"Warlocks the reason they don't just keep going after witches powers non stop, the reason they all only seem to get a few, even. And you're right Cole. Warlocks are shits" said Leo.

"Hmm" Cole snorted.

"Why?" asked Phoebe squeezing Cole's hand.

"The reason good witches don't take on the evil powers. Good powers are toxic to warlocks. Warlocks need sufficient evil ones to neutralise the toxic effects." Leo explained with some satisfaction "That is why only the most dangerous evil warlocks come after the Charmed Ones.  Most warlocks aren't powerful enough to steal enough evil ones to counter power they would steal from witches."

"But demons kill warlocks who steal evil powers" insisted Phoebe.

"Who'd be evil?" said Piper "What a rat race."

"Not me" said Cole primly.

"No wonder Willem wants to be source" said Paige" evil powers, take on more witches. Double whammy. You'd think Tempus would do something about Willem" said Paige.

"You know Willem didn't strike me as Source like enough" said Leo" he struck me... as a very bad joke. Cole too" he added.

Cole glared at him in frustration.

"Why don't the Elders know this?" said Piper snarkily "Prue was right. The Elders know shit."

"I guess warlocks keep their secrets. I mean I knew warlocks stole demon powers but not why. Never interested in how warlocks exist. I mean, what I thought I knew. I guess that is one big secret, they don't want the Source to know." Cole said uncomfortable.

"You learnt quite a bit about warlocks" Leo informed Cole who ground his teeth.

"I knew that warlock xenophobia would cause problems" snipped Piper.

"I'd say it was healthy" said Leo while Cole gave him a dirty look.

"Why do we have to get Willem to use transmergence?" Paige asked.

"Transmergence is a witch's power that is so based solely on emotions so it is the most toxic powers going. Warlocks called it the Great Power. Willem was frightened to use it, frightened it would kill him. "Leo said "Nearly got Cole …good" Leo told Cole, as Phoebe clutched his hand even tighter."Nearly killed him doing it."

"I don't remember" Cole ground out in frustration.

Leo smiled.

"So if we tempt him into using the transmergence and then pull the evil powers the toxicity will kill him," Piper said. "It's so simple. Why the hell couldn't you remember that?" she demanded of Cole.

"Because I don't bloody well remember it" said Cole "Why didn't he get me?" he asked. "With the transmergence, you didn't get emotional enough"

"Eh" said Paige.

"I understand" said Cole grimly.

Leo nodded "The other time" said Leo peeved. "I don't know why Willem didn't kill him."

"The other time?" said Paige

"All he did was kill and fight" Leo explained and then flushed as Cole pursed his lips "I got out before he used the memory power on you: I wish you could remember. It's driving me crazy. It was a good fight, but you were down in the corner with no way out."

"Cole always finds a way out" said Phoebe proudly as her sisters gave her an OMG glare.

"So you remember everything about me" said Cole nervously and flushing.

"Only for the short time I was there" smirked Leo catching Piper's amused eyes and grinned then flushed again.

"So" said Paige" we get Willem to come after Phoebe and this time we really let him at Cole again and when he uses the transmergence power we can get him. Sounds good to me."

"Are you sure Willem will be stupid enough to use the power." Piper asked.

"He's stupid enough "Leo told them."Fleischer was the brains of the outfit. Willem just hates Belthezor. And I'll bet the reason they left him alone for fifty years was to collect enough evil to make sure the transmergence worked this time."

 Phoebe jumped up and pulled Paige to her feet dancing around with her. "Does this mean w can now get rid of Willem and the little shit upstairs?" She sang out as she made Paige dance.

"Um" said Cole.

"Don't you even dare say you won't be involved because this is witches' business" snapped Paige stopping dancing to put her hands on her hips. "Getting rid of Rodik is your business. Family business."

"Its family business Cole," said Piper firmly jumping up and putting her hand on her hips.

"Its god damn personal gain. You have no problem with that." said Phoebe putting her hands on he hips and glaring at Cole "You do it and we get rid of the shit upstairs and the Elders off my back. I mean you're going to do it Cole" she ordered. "Stuff the guardian this is important." she said.

"I don't have a problem with personal gain. I don't mind being bait but "Cole started to say.

"So help me god Cole" said Piper "If we get stuck with the shit here because you start getting magic ethics your life will be hell."

"Cole" said Leo" this is about looking after your family. "If you've got any problems about putting Phoebe at risk. It's okay now. The girls can get him easily."

"Even if Phoebe is at risk" said Cole shamefaced "I don't think I can get emotional enough to protect her."

"What?" shrieked Phoebe?

"Why not?" demanded Piper.

"You shit" said Paige.

"Well" said Cole.

"Why not?" demanded Piper taping her foot.

"Why not?" demanded Phoebe hands on hips.

"You shit" said Paige also hands on hips.

"Cole" said Leo getting angry "If you don't, we don't get rid of Willem or Rodik. Look what Rodik is doing to Melinda."

Cole bit his lip "I don't think I can get emotionally involved to tempt Willem to use his transmergence power" he said wincing at their expressions. "Because I happen to know Willem isn't going to kill Phoebe."

"And you're willing to risk it?" sneered Paige willing to say anything that would get rid of Rodik. "On a hunch."

"I know it" Cole swallowed "Eclipse" he explained. "I saw myself in the future with some things. I know Phoebe gets through any fights in the immediate future. All of you do. "

"So you saw the future?" Piper answered.

"And you didn't tell me?" snaked Phoebe and he shrugged uncomfortably Ï can guess." she glared.

"Why are you the only one who got that?" demanded Paige. "When none of us did?"

"Because ours aren't yet written.  So he doesn't get stupid or risk doing something silly "said Phoebe not knowing where the answer came from. So he knows he doesn't have to damn himself as a guardian to protect me... to protect us. I wonder if we're supposed to know?"

"Are you saying we're all immortal" Paige asked suddenly shivering.

"I'm not saying that." said Cole awkward "I'm just saying I happen to know Willem doesn't get any of you."

"Because you interfere" said Paige hopefully. "Because you make him use the transmergence."

"I don't know" said Cole. "I don't even know if you get him. I just know you don't get got."

"Does it have to be anger?" Piper asked Leo.

"I get the feeling anger works best but maybe Cole if you concentrate on just what you feel about Phoebe, you just need to be emotional. That will do the trick because we ain't  gonna get him any other way "Leo insisted "And I want that bastard upstairs out." He said bitterly "Lying shit."

"Any way" said Phoebe "All you have to do is use one lousy little power when you are feeling emotional about me and that will make him use the transmergence and wham we get him."

"What f he gets my powers" Cole asked not to concerned but sulking.

"You're the innocent Cole "we'll protect you" smirked Piper

"Ironic Huh" said Phoebe not unamused by the situation. "Just be a good little innocent baby" she said as he pouted.

"And what am I supposed to do them" Cole demanded "After I use my one little power."

"You know what Rodik "answered Paige "The role of the innocent."

"I never listen to Rodik" he said annoyed.

"Just shut up and be protected" smirked Piper glancing at Leo.

They called Clarissa who said she would come over the next night when they to summoned Willem, without quite the same enthusiasm for getting Willem that she had before Jade's death but more determined.

The family then had a long discussion that merged into a very vocal argument about what to do with kids.

Leo thought he could keep them safely in the attic if they left the warlock bar on that but Piper was concerned that even if warlocks could not blink there was nothing to stop them walking into the attic and the witches would not see it. Leo then suggested orbing them away but they need Melinda to find Willem and summon him, and they needed Cole to protect them and they needed him near Willem.

"You know the realm" Piper asked Leo hopeful that they would not need Melinda.

"No" said Leo regretfully "Cole knew it."

"So sue me I can't remember" Cole growled.

"What do you own that would be worth suing you for" said Pip asked nastily. "A second hand car and a non profit business."

"This is worse than making baby sitting arrangements" muttered Phoebe breaking it up before Cole retorted.

"Its going to get worse as they get older." sighed Piper.

Cole was determined Melinda was not going to kill to protect herself so he was not leaving her to stay as bait. They finally compromised with Cole and Leo staying in the parlour and leaving the warlock bar there and setting up so they children did not see too much.

Piper started to worry about Melinda seeing warlocks dispatched and it took some talking to understand there was difference between that and involved in the fighting and she had already seen it Paige pointed out.

They also planned to annoy Rodik into storming off into his room and then Piper was going to sneak up and freeze him. Unfortunately for once he decided against storming off and stayed around to keep snarking about Phoebe's sexuality, Paige's trying to kill him and baiting Cole because he had worked out Cole wasn't going to kill him and consequently got madder and madder without being able to do anything.

Piper finally froze him in the kitchen just as he stuffed another cake on his mouth. "Hope he chokes on it" she said.

"Well watch out for him coming out of it when he smells powers" Leo advised as he gathered a sleeping Wyatt up and put him in his pram in the corner of the parlour, away from any action and set Patsy and Melinda in a play house in the other corner of the parlour "He can sniff good powers and it might bring him out the freeze."

"God he better not" winced Piper doing a refreeze. "Don't any-one touch him, we don't want to risk jerking him out of it."

Clarissa arrived as Paige was setting crystal circles in the hall, the conservatory and under the stairs.

"What we need to know is when Willem is anywhere near these circles and then we think we can trap him into using a toxic power."Paige told her "If he does that I'll orb a crystal in place and trap him long enough for us to use the potion get rid of the evil powers."

"This place could get pretty hectic" said Clarissa. "They bought 8 warlocks with him last time. How many this time do you think?" she asked.

"Think of a number and double it" said Paige.

"10" said Phoebe.

"Shut up Phoebe"" said Clarissa mildly. She looked up at Cole curiously" Are you here for the show?" she asked "Or are we still using you as bait because of Willem's Belthezor confusion."

"Both" said Cole before the witches could answer.

"That could get you killed." Clarissa commented dryly "or worse."

"Or my life could be made hell if I go" he answered grinning at Phoebe who stuck her tongue out at him.

"Can I get a drink before we start?" Clarissa asked.

"Make yourself at home" said Paige. She turned to Piper and whispered "You really think Cole will get protective enough about Phoebe for this to work?"

"When hasn't he?" said Piper "We get the damned warlock if he can use the transmergence. Cole can make him. You think of any other demons that will make him come. He wants Belthezor's powers and he will risk the toxic power to get it. I feel sure."

"He'll want to get Belthezor" said Leo "He hates him."

"Stop talking about my life when I don't know it" snapped Cole because he realised Leo was feeling somewhat un-angelically in control and it was pissing him off.

"I wish Phoebe felt sure" said Paige, "at least her feelings turn out to be premonitions."

Clarissa went into the kitchen helped her self to some juice from the refrigerator." And laughed when she saw Rodik frozen with a half a cake being stuffed into his mouth. She touched him to make sure he was frozen then smacked his face.

When she came out Paige was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with Melinda scrying on the realm map. Melinda kept calling purple.

"What’s that?" asked Clarissa.

"Heirloom that helps scrying?" said Paige quickly.

"Which naturally the Elders know about?" smiled Clarissa.

"Um" said Phoebe.

"Stuff 'em" Clarissa said. She watched a little enviously as with Melinda's help the witches using magic that Clarissa would never know, located Willem. Paige orbed the realm map up to that attic to keep it safe, came back and the three Charmed Ones holding hands under the chandelier in the hall used the power of three to invite Willem to try his luck with the Charmed Ones and Belthezor,.

Clarissa sat on the hall seat and watched, waiting.

As the witches sent their summons on the spirit wind Cole quietly removed the warlock bar off the house except for the living room. He glanced at Leo who nodded, and then moved to where he could see through the door to the conservatory and the hall but was standing between the children and any possible action. Leo sat on the sofa just a little nearer Patsy and Wyatt while, Melinda did her best to sneak close to Unca Cole and sulked when Leo ordered her back. Cole glanced over his shoulders at Leo and then prowled restlessly, then stopped for a second and winced.

"What?" said Leo?

"Africa" Cole answered trying to ignore the spirit winds.

"You're not going?" demanded Leo knowing how Cole put a priority on guardian business."

"It can wait" Cole answered quietly in his guardian voice. "I figured Africa out" he said with a shrug to Leo.

"Good" said Leo "I guess patience isn't a guardian virtue either." He commented as Cole started to prowl again "It's the girl's show Cole. You just get to be the innocent who causes the action. Don't get to kill any-one"

"Shut up Leo." Cole snipped.

"Unca Cole" sighed Melinda trying to stick her nose into the hall to see what was happening. Wyatt was asleep and Patsy was playing some sort of game organising cardboard boxes under the table.

"Just a game honey" Cole told her and the guardian in him was not lying." Lots of noise nothing to worry about. Any stranger comes near you or Patsy you know what to do."

"Yes Unca Cole" said Melinda all good girl.

Leo watched Patsy creating his own patterns and order. "Do you think he knows what he is doing?" he asked.

Cole shrugged focusing more on what the girls were doing as they stood under the chandelier waiting for something to happen.

The waited and waited. The witches repeated the summons. They waited.

"Damn" said Paige.

They summoned the warlock again.


"Damn" said Piper. "Where are they?"

"Collecting reinforcements" said Phoebe.

"How many re-enforcements do you think?" asked Clarissa.

"Lots" said Phoebe sucking on her lip.

"Shut up "Phoebe said Clarissa.

Phoebe grinned.

Just then there was almighty crash and a sound of blinking in the conservatory and five warlocks appeared behind them and then another five appeared in the hall.

"No Willem" yelled Clarissa.

 And the fight was on. Warlocks splattering in all directions. Piper blew three up in the conservatory and Phoebe coming help her kicked another through the same glass window she had kicked Belthezor through the first time he came to get them so many years ago. It smashed splaying glass everywhere. Phoebe kicked one into the clock and Paige splat one into the hall closet.

"No Willem" called Clarissa as flapping sounds appeared and great garaganas materialised in the confined space of the manor chasing the evil powers of the vanquished warlocks smashing light fittings and knocking pictures off the walls.

She suddenly spun and called "Willem. Conservatory, heading for the hall."

The warlock king heard her and turned toward her. Phoebe in the hall yelled at Cole who came out, ordering Melinda to stay back and cursed not able to see Willem, wondering why he still had this damn connection to his old life that the warlock memory power worked on him, and finding little comfort in the fact that it had worked on the source either.

Phoebe found herself in a sort of stranglehold. She could feel pressure on her throat and she could not move but no matter how she struggled the source of her confinement was still there and to those watching she was gasping for breath and struggling half choking,.

"Willem's got Phoebe" Clarissa told them in an urgent and desperately calm voice.

"Cole" called Piper.

"Cole" called Paige.

Clarissa not knowing what else to do started to move forward, and Paige caught her and stopped her Cole "she roared.

Clarissa started to say she didn't understand and was thrown backward but not effected by a fireball thrown by a warlock. The fireball caught a cushion in the conservatory and set it on fire. As another one caught Piper froze it.

"Cole" she roared.

Phoebe was whimpering for breath. Struggling kicking around in mid air. Trying to pummel her elbows into something behind her.

"I can't get mad" he yelled back trying to summon any emotion he could for Phoebe but nothing positive attracted  Willem's attention. And all he could find was an admiration for her ability to look after herself. "She'll be okay" he told her sisters.

The garganas flapped crashing more furniture pictures decoration to the floor and Piper in annoyance blew one up and it splattered in anger burst of green goo and black burning furniture stank the house out.

Melinda behind Cole screamed "Ick ."

Patsy whimpered and spluttered at the smell and Leo got down on hands and knees to reassure him.

Cole continued to standing between the hall and the parlour not certain how he could help, while Clarissa half begged some-one to help Phoebe.

Willem realising he was confronted by Belthezor let go the memory power and he suddenly seemed to appear before them. A freakish Dracula looking warlock clutching Phoebe by her neck and a long claw like nail at her throat.

Cole vaguely wondered why the warlock felt the need to mimic the old source. And all of a sudden he laughed as Piper and Paige both roared at him again.

"I'll kill her" Willem cackled and for the life of him Cole could not get mad. He had seen Phoebe in that situation far too often and the trouble was this warlock caricature despite all the trouble it had been causing, was just another warlock pretender seeking powers. And all Cole could do was stand there laughing.

Piper blasting warlocks over the conservatory and hall screamed at him every name she could lay her tongue to and Paige kept yelling his name, her voice rising in an angry crescendo and Cole, to Willem's puzzlement stood there laughing.

Phoebe realising that Cole was not going to get even remotely protective, did what he fully expected her to do, levitated up in the air sunk, her teeth into the warlock so he shrieked in pain and then she somersaulted herself over the back of him.

The witches, warlock Willem and several other warlocks who must have been in on the plan all stopped fighting with a what the hell do we all do now expression on their faces.

They all jumped as a scream of agony and fury and some coughing noises, as he choked came from the kitchen as Rodik broke out of the freeze as the scent of exploding warlock powers hit him screamed his frustration and expectation.

The fight continued

Phoebe jumping in ready to kick Willem into the wall was confronted by another five warlocks. Piper blew two up from behind her and Paige finished the two Phoebe sent in her direction although the garganas swarmed and she exploded one of them too. The explosion destroyed the three cane chairs in the conservatory and the woodwork on the wall between it and the hall side wall. Willem disappeared as the memory spell worked again.

Rodik drunk at the prospect of a power rushed headlong into the chaos in a power feeding frenzy as strong as the garganas then suddenly realised he was confronted by another five live warlocks. Frightened for a second he saw Clarissa where Paige had pushed her away from the action. He dived for her catching her by both arms and pulling her in front of him as protection.

"Shit Cole" screamed Piper at him as another five warlocks appeared "Get angry and use your bloody power."

The warlocks stalking Rodik apparently knew that there was a witch that was immune to magic because they solved the problem by approaching Clarissa trying to pull her from shrivelling Rodik caught between his craving for the powers and his fear.

The warlocks dragged Clarissa away from Rodik, half wringing her arm and punching at her ribs and legs and Cole standing there laughing at Phoebe's problem unable to get angry enough to protect Phoebe was struck by a surge of pure mortal rage at the cowardice which had cost Jade her life was now risking Clarissa's.

Before any of the Charmed Ones could act he struck out with a telekinetic force so hard he flung Rodik into the piano which shattered and then blasted the warlocks into oblivion.

Willem memory spell off suddenly cackling jumped into the hallway and Cole could feel the sudden sucking and draining of his power.

Ï have the evil now Belthezor" he croaked "I waited and it cost my brother but I have the evil."

"Eh" said Cole.

For a second Cole could feel Willem's power winning and felt a panicking that he was still in the control of the evil Underworld, then he simply drew on the great power of his mortality and held his power as the surprised and stunned Willem realised that he was not confronting a demon but a mighty Ogre.

Cole, felt the great surge of the Spirit Winds and recognised the extent of his own great power. For the first time realised how far beyond good and evil he was He gave Willem a wry smile.

"You've had a good run "He told the warlock gently "But in the end it would come to this"."

"Vala" croaked Willem, still hanging onto the transmergence power, not yet realising he had lost the battle. "I'll have you yet for Vala. There will be a reckoning."

"Eh" said Cole.

Willem tried to use the memory power and it flashed green as Paige orbed the crystals into place and the three witches Piper threw the potion to remove the evil power. It flew from him in a huge black cloud and he fell to his knees turning green as the toxicity of good hit him. The warlock tried to let go the transmergence and use watch power to telekinetic the crystals but without his evil and no brother or sister to rescue him, any power he used to try to escape added to the poison and the sum of his ambition and vengeance failed as he succumbed to it. The Charmed Ones chanted the all purpose warlock destruction spell and the warlock king Willem was gone in a witches spell like any other warlock, half falling and cowering as the garaganas flapped  around  sucking at the great evil he had stored.