The Life and Times

Part 5: Of a good beginning cometh a good end.

Chapter 46

"To expostulate why day is day, night night, and time is time, 
were nothing but to waste night, day, and time"
Hamlet, Act ii, Sc.2

Cole had made it home to baby-sit just before the Elders called Phoebe up there. He had been half inclined to want to interfere, despite everything he was feeling on the spirit winds.

"Elders are worse than demon masters," he told Phoebe working himself up into a temper on her behalf " Petty tyrants who confuse responsibility with authority"

Phoebe reached up and touched his face "Now you can get mad enough to protect me?" she asked softly then reached up to kiss him." I'm not afraid."

He grinned "I guess this is a more dangerous vanquish. Why not?" he asked suspiciously"

"Because Mark was here. He advised to tell the truth and he was right." Phoebe touched his face "And I'm not afraid."

"I am" said Cole reluctant to let her go. "If you really are going to tell the truth do you want some advice from an arsehole; lawyer about telling the truth" Cole said to her.

"Yes "she said trusting him "What?"

"Make sure it's a truthful answer to the question asked, not a truthful answer to a question they didn't ask."

"I'm not afraid." said Phoebe as she was sucked up there.

"I am" said Cole as she left.

Phoebe glanced around the rainbow mist and the white robed Elders and whitelighters standing in a circle in front of her. She wondered if the mist and the rainbow and dreamlike quality of the up there was supposed to intimidate her but she had seen heaven and hell over the last years and she knew about magic and greater lives and she was unafraid.

Most of the whitelighters and Elders had hoods drawn forward.

"To protect their anonymity, or to enhance their status," she wondered "Or intimidate me. Tough. I'm not afraid."

Kitchener/Not-Casper stood beside her, dignified, tall, his hood far enough back so that his face was clearly visible. Angela her hood thrown right back, so her blond hair was completely revealed, stood beside Rodik who was palpitating with excitement. Angela had made him remove the beret and Phoebe was amused to see the strands of hair were plastered so tightly to his balding skull they crinkled it. Angela had a tight expression on her face that was impossible to read.

An Elder whose voice Phoebe recognised as Alanna stood up and in a monotone said "We are gathered here."

"Its not a damned wedding" Phoebe muttered and Not-Casper elbowed her while a couple of Elders who heard clucked under their breaths.

Alanna continued "We are gathered because we need to investigate this witch's connection to evil. This witch was granted the understanding of truth, the power of premonition and if we cannot trust her to speak the truth, she is lost and we could be lost if we listen to her lies."

"Nice to know you're all so unbiased." said Phoebe sweetly.

Kitchener elbowed her again.

"Stuff them," thought Phoebe. She wasn't afraid. In fact she started to almost enjoying herself, when the Elders called Rodik and for a few seconds she regretted telling her sisters to stay away.

Because Rodik was standing shrivelling in front of Elders who clearly had no more love for him than she had and all he could say was that she was a whore and he couldn't even remember why and then he remembered that Arturo had come and he had felt the power and that he had seen the same man near her on the first encounter with Willem. And then he remembered that Phoebe flirted with every man who came into contact with her.

The Elders looked interested, after all adultery was evil.

"You should see her flirt with her brother in law." said Rodik feeling he was in control.

But this was clearly a painful subject to Elders who chose not to continue with it.

"What do you know about Belthezor? " asked an Elder some what staring.

"Who?" asked Rodik his eyes glazing.

"The demon" said Alanna.

"Which one?" said Rodik shaking his head.

"The evil around the witch" said the Elder "The demonic evil."

"She's a whore" said Rodik.

"What were you going to tell us about her husband?" said an Elder in a patient and frustrated voice.

"He's a bastard." said Rodik "A nasty lawyer."

"Is he a demon?" asked an Elder.

"He's a demon"?" said Rodik.

The Elders all gasped.

"Is he Belthezor? asked the Elder.

"Who?" said Rodik.

"Phoebe's husband." said the Elder. "Her mortal husband."

"Her mortal husband is a demon?" said Rodik frightened.

The Elders looked at each other.

Angela smirked a little un-angelically. "He's not telling you Cole is a demon" she said "He's asking you."

The Elders collectively sighed.

"Have you witnessed demon activity in the Charmed One's manor?" asked an Elder exasperated.

"They're evil there has to be" said Rodik.

The Elders gritted their teeth.

"Mm " Phoebe thought to herself " there are more fun things that can happen to shits than killing them." She eyed him with something of a smirk vaguely noting that the whitelighters and Elders avoided looking at her. She wasn't afraid. She would tell the truth.

She watched Rodik humiliate himself until an Elder with more courtesy than Rodik deserved suggested he had contributed as much as he was able and with a wave of his hand dematerialised Rodik. Phoebe would have been happier if they had damned him but she supposed as Elders were supposed to be good, courtesy was part of their protocol. Which if she thought about it was something useful to know.

The Elders turned to the whitelighter Kitchener and asked, "Have you seen any evidence of Belthezor's presence, or demonic intervention."

Not-Casper half nodded then shook his head. " I was not this witch's whitelighter in the time of Belthezor " he said "I can only say that she says to me Belthezor is not a threat so all it comes to in the end is whether she is telling the truth. Demonic intervention? There is powerful magic around the Charmed Ones."

"What sort of powerful magic?" asked Alanna "Evil magic. "You think she is protected by evil magic?"

"I have no reason to suspect it is evil." Kitchener answered his head slightly bowed "You ask me whether those around her protect her. It is my impression they do but that in itself is some evidence that this is a person who good people feel worthy of protection and that is evidence of her trust worthiness as far as I am concerned."

"Have you seen the Charmed Ones, this witch act as if they are unde the influence of evil "asked an Elder "Reject advice because of demonic influence."

"No" said Not-Casper as Phoebe gave him a grateful smile.

"The witch rejects advice, the best of advice," complained an Elder in a slightly whinny voice.

"The witch rejects the source of the advice," said Not-Casper "She does not like Elders," he added and Phoebe was aware of disapproving snorts "Or consider them wise. I am uncertain if that makes her evil, perhaps irresponsible." He added primly and ignored Phoebe's indrawn breath.

There was also another collective snort from the Elders.

They turned to the other Angela. "Have you " one asked. "observed this witch act evilly."

Angela pulled her hood back completely "I don't know, I have never been aware," she said "I do not know Phoebe well, a clever evil could hide its evil from me. I do know she had has secrets but " she said. "don't we all."

The Elders turned toward her. "She has secrets. What secrets?"

"Í don't know" said Angela. "They are secrets. Keeping secrets does not make you evil I have discovered. We keep secrets to protect ourselves; to protect those we love, from themselves. Sometime we are wrong but sometimes we are right and sometimes we are right at the time."

Phoebe swallowed wondering if Angela was talking about her or herself.

"I believe there is high magic," Angela said "And I think Phoebe believes there is too. I think Phoebe knows there is. We battle evil in this realm and call our enemy the source of all evil. The truth is we know that magic can exist outside our own experience but because we don't understand it, it frightens us. Its not as if we have to recognise the magic to accept it, but we as whitelighters sometimes, I think, lose the taking of magic on faith. And if it seems incomprehensible to us we call it evil. Phoebe because of her destiny came into contact with parts of magic that is outside our experienced. We should be careful that we do not confuse that which is incomprehensible with evil."

"It is not always wise to share understanding of Great Magic with whitelighters or witches," Alanna said sanctimoniously "Elders know something of greater magic and must judge what to pass on."

"Yes" said Angela "But you fear when Phoebe makes this judgement."

Phoebe nodded slightly , and swallowed. "I "She started to say" and Kitchener elbowed her again.

"The witch Phoebe Halliwell has the power of premonition" Angela told the Elders "It is a power that frightens us, because those who see the future must decide whether it is 'wise' to speak of the future."

"It is a great power," Alanna intoned.

"Now you tell me "thought Phoebe. "You always carry on like I'm the weakest of the Charmed Ones.

Angela nodded "Those who have the gift need to be wise. And knowing our destiny or future is not always a comfort. Those who know it can waste lives, opportunity and cause havoc trying to avoid their destiny." Angela swallowed "I can imagine nothing more frightening than knowing your destiny is written. You only have to look at that actions of the last source toward the Charmed Ones to know this."

A couple of the Elders acted as if Angela had betrayed them, mentioning the source.

Angela threw her head back defiant "If I knew the future I think , I know, I would be reluctant to reveal it, even if it was… appeared to be good. I would lie to protect others from such an experience and I know I am not evil" she said "The witch Phoebe Halliwell has a gift of the future and I do not believe her choices to lie to protect those whose fates she knows is evil. I would."

"This witch was connected to one of the most evil demons in the history of the underworld." said Alanna.

"Which she freely admits" intervened Not-Casper.

The outrage that a lowly witch could be justified in keeping secrets from Elders showed in Alanna's voice. "And yet we are to trust the judgement of this witch not to tell when she knows the future, to protect us. What secrets could there be about Belthezor that a witch, the witch Phoebe Halliwell could feel would be dangerous for us to know."

Phoebe started to answer but Angela interrupted."

"That is the conundrum for those who know secrets," she said "To explain the danger is to expose those who need to be protected from the danger."

"The truth is," said Not-Casper "we can never be sure what happened to Belthezor. The demon has risen so many time. We never can be sure if it is completely possible to vanquish him, and if he does arise we know he will come looking for his witch."

Has he come looking for his witch?" Alanna asked Phoebe bluntly.

Phoebe was not afraid "I wouldn't tell you if he did." she said as he Elders gasped. "That's the truth" she added. "You've never been wise about Belthezor," she said "You never recognised him for what he was, and now he is gone you make him out to be things he wasn't.  I believe your fear of Willem taking on Belthezor's powers made it harder for us to get him, not easier. Your fear of Belthezor is beyond anything he ever was as a demon. The evil demon Belthezor was vanguishable but the legend you made him isn't. I recognise very little of the him in what I hear said of him."

Angela nodded to the clear disapproval of the Elders. "I believe Phoebe Halliwell shows wisdom. She knew a breathing demon who was not invulnerable, who could be vanquished. We talk of a figure of legend and myth who frightens us so badly we sit in judgement of any-one who knew him This fear of Belthezor arising is not…. wise."

Phoebe almost laughed at the astounded reactions of the Elders.

Angela bit her lip and continued. "It diminishes us," she said "It prays on the fears of the weak ones. And it shows our vulnerability and fear to evil. We make Belthezor into a great enemy and we have a warlock making his power play based on a legend and a not wise underling retriever making himself more important than he is to play on our fears."

Even behind their robes Phoebe could see several Elders rigid. A few had stepped back, fading into the rainbow mist as if withdrawing from the discussion. "Angela" Phoebe said quietly "It is not necessary to do this to protect me."

"I am not protecting you Phoebe Halliwell "Angela said passionately "I am protecting these ones from their fear. We have nothing but rumour," she told the Elders "It is the way of evil to act on innuendo, rumour and use it for their own agenda, not Good, even if out very belief in acting Good means sometimes we seem weak. Surely our great strength is our belief in innocence and truth."

"Then let us have some evidence," said Alanna. "It would appear the retriever has some confusion about his experiences in the witch's house. Not withstanding his lack of memory , I witnessed him accuse your husband of being the demon Belthezor Phoebe Halliwell. Why would he do this?"

"He's a shit who gets his kicks out of causing other people misery" said Phoebe "And that's the truth."

"The witch speaks the truth. "intervened another Elder hastily "We know that evil has seen this man and does not recognise him Belthezor. We do not confuse this victim with the questions we must ask this witch."

Phoebe bit her lip and glanced at Angela who stared straight ahead.

"I want to hear the witch tell us of Great Magic near her." Alanna said firmly "How was Rodik saved in the fight with Willem?" she asked.

Phoebe hesitated.

"You must tell the truth" said Alanna. "Do not prevaricate. Who saved the retriever?"

Phoebe's chin came up "My husband saved him." she said.

"Your mortal husband?" insisted the Elder,".

"Cole," said Phoebe chin higher in the air.

"Your mortal husband saved the retriever from warlocks?" the Elder asked.

Angela lowered her eyes and frowned almost as if she was saddened by the Elders lack of wisdom.

"Its not he first time Cole has done it" said Phoebe. "He once punched out a warlock called Devlin to save me. And he did the same thing to save Clarissa last time we tried to get Willem, when Jade was killed."

"That is true" said Not-Casper.

"So he's not magical and he can defeat warlocks," Asked an Elder suspiciously.

"He punches them out really good." said Phoebe "Is that what this is all about. You cannot believe a mortal can defeat evil, because they are so weak."

The Elders caught their breaths "I was the Queen of Evil." Phoebe said bluntly. "I have seen greater magic. Do you know demons are terrified of the power of mortals, of the power of their humanity, so much so they kill  any half mortal demons because they fear the power they will find if they discover their humanity, like Belthezor?"

The Elders collectively sucked their breath.

" My husband is a good man" said Phoebe "Small magic creatures like Rodik and even some whitelighters just don't under stand how powerful being a good man can make you. I've seen the way some whitelighters treat him as if he is not worth considering. I think you make a serious mistake when you underestimate how powerful being good can be , as opposed to calling yourself good.

Phoebe was greeted by a silence from the Elders, she pulled herself up to her full height and stared at them defiantly."

"Are you prepared to tell us any more of Greater Magic you know." asked Alanna.

"No" said Phoebe "If you were supposed to know about Greater Magic you would know."

"So" said the Elder in a serious voice "It is necessary for us to tell you witch Phoebe Halliwell that it the opinion of the Elders that you lied about your relationship with Elders, your contact with demons and magic protection."

"I told you "Angela started to say.

"It's okay "Phoebe interrupted. "Yes " she said. "do you know I did. Lied by omission, lied about something I did, lied about things that happened between Belthezor and me and reasons why. Lied since the time I met Belthezor. I have been lying to you, sometime to myself , sometimes to my family."

"I see" said the Elder.

"I doubt it" said Phoebe quietly. "I lied for many reasons, but mostly lied because to you because damn it, it is none of your business." She glanced at Not-Casper "I love magic." she said. "My sisters, they have not been so happy with the magic lately. but me I wanted it, I love it. Magic " she heard her old self saying the same words "Magic happens for a reason and my reason was because it felt, I could do some good. I could help innocents."

"This is the role of witches," Alanna told her "Your involvement with Greater Magic has moved you away from that. Which is why we are here."

"There were times along the way when I lost that "Phoebe agreed "Moved away from it and the strangest thing was at those times none of you asked me if I lied. When I really did lie because that was when I lied to myself."

"Your path has not been what is normal for a witch" Alanna insisted. "Your turn to evil was Great.

"I know." Phoebe answered "Because I loved Belthezor, I saw thing about magic maybe witches shouldn't know but it left me more than ever wanting to save innocents, even innocents who are shits and I'll do what I have to protect them, including lie to you and any-one else. Well if I'm being truthful I should have done more to save that little shit Rodik and not leave it to Cole but I was feeling pissed with him. Rodik would try the patience of a saint "Phoebe justified. "I'm not one," she added.

"You are not" retorted Alanna "There is a demon who has been in your life who is not an innocent" said Alanna "And we are uncertain he will ever be out of your life."

"No he was not an innocent and I know he will never be out of my life if I survive a thousand years." Phoebe regarded the Elders determinedly "I found Phoebe through Belthezor and whatever you think of Phoebe I like her. One of the things I like about her is that she has a certain amount of integrity that has nothing to do with not telling fibs to you. She learned to be true to her self and she is going to stay that way " Phoebe smiled sweetly at them.

"So you will lie again" asked the Elder.

"Of course I'll lie, out right or by omission if you ask me what you have no right to ask, or if it means protecting an innocent, even shitty ones" said Phoebe brightly " but I won't lie to myself."

"Is the evil demon Belthezor dead?" asked an Elder bluntly.

"Yes" said Phoebe who was married to arsehole lawyer "Belthezor is not a threat to Good any more," she said "You wanted the demon of the century, the greatest enemy you had gone. He's gone" said Phoebe." that is the truth. for the rest you either don't trust me or you do when I tell you its none of your damned business."

"You have said nothing new." commented Alanna.

"There is nothing new to say" Phoebe said. "If you think I am evil, then we part ways. I am not and even if you continue to persecute an innocent….me, I will continue to protect innocents, with or without you. But," she said firmly "Belthezor is no longer a subject of discussion between us because I do not believe you will be wise about him"

"The witch speaks the truth" said an Elder, and for a second Phoebe wondered if he was supporting her and then realised he was commenting on a magic lie detector. She snorted.

"I know" said Phoebe. "So as you have no evidence I am evil, you cannot prove I am colluding with demons, or even that Belthezor exists in anything but myth and legend and knowing about Greater Magic doesn't make me evil, I take it this tribunal is ended."

Phoebe arrived back at the manor feeling strangely flat and as if she had fought a war that should never have been fought. She was feeling moody difficult and was very off hand when her sisters asked what happened and she gave them the short hand version of it."

"Where's Rodik?" she asked. "gone " she said hopefully.

"Arrived upstairs somewhat confused and claiming you set out to make a fool of him with the Elder." Piper told her.

"Oh" said Phoebe. "Didn't need my help? " she bluffed.

"The Elders didn't believe him about Belthezor?" Leo asked.

Phoebe swallowed "You know the way he rattles everything off confuses what he does know and what he doesn't," she answered with a little cough.

"This the end of it" said Paige.

"I still may be thrown out" said Phoebe "But it will be spite if they do. Angela was wonderful. She ought to be an Elder," she told her sisters.

"Angela has been fighting her own demons," said Leo. "Maybe overdosing on Rodik makes her more sympathetic to rule breakers.

All three witches glared at him.

"And the Elders will give up this Belthezor fixation?" he asked hurriedly.

"No " She said just as Cole came downstairs and she fell into his arms.

"Saved the Elders baby?" he asked straight-faced. "Or vanquish them?"

"Bit of both" Phoebe sighed from the safety of his arms "Belthezor hasn't gone away. Just maybe off the top of the list at the moment," she told him leaning back to see his face.

He smiled the one he saved for her and it took every bit of it to take the feeling of being somehow unclean that the Elders had left her with.

"They couldn't argue because they knew I was telling the truth. I think I just confused them." Phoebe explained "If any of them want to find Belthezor hidden under every magic rock, they'll keep looking."

"Shits," said Piper.

"Bloody innocents though" said Paige.

"Bloody innocent shits," said Phoebe safely in Cole's arms "Didn't need you to protect me," she told him smugly.

"I know, felty it on the winds" said Cole "When is the bastard retriever going?"

His question was not answered as they were interrupted by sounds of orbs and Mark appeared. Paige moved toward him, stopped, then decided that as his advice had got Phoebe off the hook she could be pleased to see him and went over and kissed him.

Mark returned the kiss while the family watched with various levels of interest and frustration.

Finally he and Paige reluctantly separated. "I just came to report the official finding" he said and was met by a lack of interest and cynicism.

"Where's Not-Casper?" Piper asked.

Mark smiled "You mean Kitchener?" he asked softly.

"Whoever" shrugged Piper.

"He got called to a meeting." Mark said. "Seem the Elders need to discusses how to deal with the legend and mythology surrounding Belthezor " he added eying Cole. "As they have been convinced in this instance the whole thing was about mythology."

"Good" said Cole with a smirk.

"You were right Mark" Phoebe told him brightly " Telling the truth was the best thing to do."

Mark said nothing but raised his eyes.

"You never said tell the whole truth" she said a little deflated.

"No" Mark answered not fooled. "What did you do to the retriever?" he asked as Rodik appeared at the bottom of the stairs not so confused he had forgotten where the kitchen was.

"Demon" he screamed as he saw Cole.

"Shut the fuck up" said everyone in the room.

"Get the Elder's " he screeched at Mark. "You ignorant newbie. Do something. That's a demon. Its Belthezor."

Cole took a step toward Rodik.

"Cole," warned Mark as he noticed a the a fireball light in Cole's hand. And got a dirty look for his trouble as Cole walked over to Rodik.

"Boo" he said in Rodik's ear while Rodik bolted up the stairs.

"Thank you Cole" said Mark gently: "I realty needed to be put in a position where I know your secrets." he added letting some sarcasm creep into his voice..

"Is it wise to let Mark see this?" asked Leo in an exasperated voice. "Knowing things I shouldn't didn't help me as whitelighter.:"

"It was what you did with them that counts " Cole snarked backed. "Mark isn't an Elder and isn't going to do anything that would require me to protect myself from him. Oh damnit he knows I'm Belthezor, why play games," Cole demanded. He glanced at Paige "Anyway he already has secrets from Elders. What's a few more?"

"You're an idiot Cole "Piper told him arms firmly crossed "Phoebe just fixed the Belthezor problem and you're screwing it."

"Mark isn't deaf and Mark will be the judge of what he keeps secrets," said Mark softly.

"Anyway " sad Paige "It saves us all being scared to talk in front of you. The Elders believed Phoebe so they won't ask you anything. Don't ask , don't explain" she told him smiling sweetly.

"Welcome to the family Mark" said Piper with something of a malicious smile and then softened as she caught Paige's teary smile. "I mean it" she said and Paige nodded.

"Why isn't that a comfort " Mark asked still quiet "Next time Cole when I don't ask, don't explain?"

"Paige would have told you anyway" Cole told Mark "When's the retriever going?"

"Um" said Mark.

"When?" said Piper.

"When?" said "Leo.

"Damnit when?" said Paige pulling away and joining Piper.

Mark winced. "Don't shot the messenger," he said "I got stuck with this because every whitelighter up there is sick of being sworn at by you when they have to tell you things you don't want to hear."

"They always dump those jobs on new whitelighters," explained Leo. "They claim it teaches you to think on your feet in tough situations."

Mark raised his eyebrows.

"They do" said Leo defensively.

"The retriever is in trouble with warlocks," Mark explained softly. "And the Elders can't find another witch.:."

"He's not staying here," snarled Piper interrupting." you just go tell the Elders they can bloody well think again."

"No Piper I am not " Mark told her firmly".

"Mark if you want to be friends with me." Paige spun to face him.

"You know me better than that Pet. If you want to be ….friends with me blackmail isn't the way to go" Mark told her patiently.

"Please Mark " begging Phoebe," I'm sick of being called a whore. And Cole punches him out every time he does. Cole could kill him. He's magic you know " she used her most winning smile.

"Tell that to the Elders," replied Mark not giving an inch.

"Mark all the witches tried to kill him." said Leo desperation in his voice.

"Yes" said all three sisters nodding vigorously , arms around each other."

"So every one here has learned their lesson" Mark shrugged, still not giving.

"We can't be trusted near him" said Phoebe.

"That's not what you told the Elders today" said Mark.

"Melinda is out of control with him here," said Piper.

"Read Dr Spock" said Mark.

"If he finds out about us he'll rat" said Paige.

"So we go somewhere else" said Mark.

There was silence for a full minute, Mark holding his ground and the witches contemplating the consequences of Rodik not getting killed by Willem.

It was broken by Cole exploding.

"Damnit this is your fault " Cole yelled at them " Damned witches."

"What " screamed all three witches.

"You damned witches," Cole yelled at them. " You know there's a consequence for not being good. You would have let an innocent get killed and as a consequence we're stuck with that damned retriever for eternity."

"Cole," said Leo.

The Charmed Ones looked at each other then Mark and then Cole, his expression furious and frustrated.

"I don't see any point in arguing." said Phoebe nose in the air.

"That's because I'm right," snapped Cole.

"So Phoebe do you want to tell me all about what happened up there," said Piper, glaring at Cole then grabbed Phoebe's arm and hauling her into the kitchen.

Paige hesitated and then stepped close to Mark "It's not your fault being the messenger" she told him. She smiled seductively "Phoebe told me about this alternate plain she and Leo hid out in when they were hiding form Elders when she was first pregnant with Patsy." she told Mark hauling him upstairs. "They have hotels with beds there," she said.

"Oh real beds, not rocks,"" said Mark eyes narrowing in contemplation as he followed her "That's nice."

Leo just glared at Cole "When in the hell are you going to learn to keep you mouth shut," he said."

"I'm right Leo" Cole snapped in his guardian voice," they could have tried to save Rodik and now you and I  get stuck with the consequence."

"When are you going to learn that when you're right is especially the time to keep your mouth shut," said Leo.

Cole was silent "God I don't know Leo " he sighed.

"Want a beer?" said Leo.

Phoebe went upstairs as Cole and Leo were finishing their second beer, glancing over her shoulder at Cole. He followed her upstairs and as he entered the room and stood there she threw herself at him, burying her face against him.

"That bad." he said as he held her.

"It never gets fixed "She said "You know Angela convinced them there was no Belthezor danger. I wonder why she did it when she knows you are."

"Same reason as you, protecting them," he answered in his guardian voice, then he grinned "I bet Arturo would tell you that one of the strengths of Good is its ability to produce individuals of the courage to do what they know to be right regardless of the cost."

"That's wise," Phoebe said into his chest.

"I meant you too" he said kissing her hair. "Why didn't Rodik rat me out? "Cole asked.

Phoebe buried her face against him.

He held her for a few minutes. "Why ?"He asked.

She finally stepped back. "I fixed Rodik by getting Patsy to use the memory spell on him" she confessed.

Cole was silent.

"Mad?" she asked.

"No" he said after thinking about it "I don't suppose we could get Patsy to make him forget we exist."

"I've been so damned wise today "Phoebe said against his lips "I hate it. We're going to do something not very wise tonight," she ordered.

"Good "He murmured as they kissed..