Season 2


I watched "Queen of Diamonds" last night, off Youtube so it was a bit small on the screen, but I did soooooooooooo enjoy it. Its well and truly on my top ten list ( although I'm not sure what gets pushed off to make way for it)


Like so many people here I really enjoy the "pard" scenes and this one was full of them, although it was nice with Jess being wise for Slim rather than the other way around. Jess going in every time Slim got into a fight was great, even when he was less than understanding after the fact. The episode had many of my favourite bits. Even had the chickens get a scene. It had Mose ( one of my favourites)with a couple of big scenes. And yes I did get around to noticing Mose in THAT scene….. eventually. One thing that seems consistent through out the episodes I've seen, (I haven't seen them all), is that Jess is not a morning person.


I love that they made Jess well and truly " at home on the ranch and Slim takes no guff from him " Poor Little Jess Harper has to do the chores by himself". I loved Slim in this one, especially the way he was nice about being used. Being a nice person seemed to be a big theme of this episode. Everyone bar the villains was nice. Laramie was presented as nice place to live. June and her husband, the barman, even the deputy and the other players in the card, even the two guys
Slim and Jess fought in the bar were non evil locals.


When June called out "Darling are you all right" and ran straight past Slim, it was a great bit of acting by John Smith, didn't say anything just seemed to lose about 3 inches in height, deflate almost.

I do love the "home" things in Laramie. The heroes actually use sheets and pillows with cases, and apparently Slim remembers to make his bed. He must have been well brought up. And they take their boots AND spurs off to lie down and get undressed to sleep. Thank you whoever put that idea in. And they wear aprons. And they answered one of my enquiring minds want to know questions without being asked. How June stepped up into that stage in that skirt. Slim and her husband lifted her. She was very tiny. It really made the scenes in the street where Slim walked beside her being protective, work


I guess "Granny" is one of those words where " When you call me that smile" comes in. The bad guys sure signed their death warrant using it on Jess, (one of them did anyway) although I thought Jess really deserved the kick up the behind he got from Slim for using it, especially when Slim was hurting. Jess was pushing. One of the things that makes Slim such a great and strong character (to me) is that he never holds back with Jess. Every one else may step warily around Jess but Slim just lets him have it. This episode is a terrific one for showing that Slim is not frightened of how Jess will react no matter how ready Jess is to explode.

Anyway I loved this episode