A Matter of Relativity

Part 2: Shame and Scandal in the Family

Chapter 17


"They do not love that do not show their love"
 William Shakespeare

Leo had stayed long enough to spend some time playing with Melinda and then orbed away. Piper went into the living room to find Cole staring into space not even remotely, looking at the law papers he was supposed to be reading. "Leo gone/" he asked.


"Yes ": said Piper, her voice strained "my husband had gone, back to my sister. To look after my sister, to be with my sister, to protect my sister."


"My god Piper " Cole said stunned "You're jealous. Jealous of Phoebe, I know there's the rumours but.. I'm sorry but whatever you think about Leo, Phoebe loves me."


"Just, just shut up Cole," Piper yelled.


"Piper" he said and then very quietly added, "You of all people don't think that Leo is doing anything more than looking after his little sister. There's nothing to be jealous about. So I don't get.."


"You never do," she added raising her voice a decibel "Not everything is about Phoebe. I'm sick to death of everything, everyone always revolving around Phoebe. Just for once why won't it revolve around m.. some-one else."


Piper planted her feet firmly apart. And then her body just sagged "You're right." she sniffed "I am jealous. Not because Leo is screwing around with Phoebe but because he's off looking after Phoebe and not looking after me .. and Melinda."


"Oh Piper," was all Cole could say.


"Its not fair" she said "Leo fusses about Phoebe, poor little sister and you fuss over Paige little sister and all I get to be is .. just the crabby bitch who everybody expects to look after herself. Piper will be all right. Piper doesn't need anyone to look after her. " I miss Prue " she said angrily " At least I was .. I was Prue's little sister."


"Yeah but you also had to do what you were told" Cole added half smiling "if I recall it right.


"I'm sick of being responsible" Piper said and sniffed" I'm sick of no-one fussing me. Every-one's fussing you. Poor Cole. Phoebe ran away with Leo but they all smirk when they see me. Couldn't even keep a man, ran off with her sister. No one fusses me." And she sniffed again. "I have to sleep alone, and damn it I miss my husband and my best friend all because Phoebe had to be a goddamned drama queen." And she sniffed  a third time." No-one ever tells me how much they love and care for me, except Leo and he's run off with my sister."


"Oh Pip" Cole said reaching for her. He held her against t him, while she did a very job of destroying his favourite sweater. He put his hand on her hair and stroked it. "When you're not being a bitch, I love and care for you" he said. And looked up in horror to see the front door was open and Paige and Mark were staring at the two of them. Mark with concern and Paige with annoyance and behind them, Victor's sister, Aunt Eleanor was watching Piper in Cole's arms with a glimmer of sheer malicious delight in her eyes.



Cole spent the next twenty-four hours calling for Francesca unsuccessfully. She finally orbed into the parlour the next night when Cole and Piper were not watching a bad movie by staring into space and Paige was not watching it by reading a highly romantic book.


"Francesca" Cole said his voice soft scornful.


"Its Mrs Rinaldi to you" she answered with just a hint of a smile in her voice.


"Where's my sister?" Piper jumped up demanding" and my husband."


"In which order? Francesca asked. "They're safe. I need to talk to Cole dear."


Piper planted herself almost in front of Francesca. "Do you realise just how worried we've been?" she said angrily "I thought you were a friend."


"No dear that's not what I am" Francesca said; "Not at the cost of my responsibilities at any rate and no" she said as Piper started to speak "I don't owe you any explanation.  I need to talk to Cole. Alone" said Francesca kindly but firmly. "Now" she added.


Piper opened and shut her mouth and glared at Cole because she wasn't brave enough to glare at Francesca, caught Paige's hand, pulled her from her chair stalked off, leaving Francesca to face up to Cole.


"Hi Francesca, bye Francesca" said Paige as she was dragged off.


Cole sat rigid "You're lucky I'm above temptation because right now I could.." he said.


"I know you could" Francesca answered.


"I trusted you " he said "and you sat there understanding. And you damned.. you b.." he stopped, not quite brave enough to go on with it.


"No Cole" she said "I don't like being sworn at by demons, witches, guardians or mortals. If you want to talk or at least listen to me, I'll stay if not when you're ready call me."


"I need to find Phoebe," he said.


"No Cole you don't, not yet " Francesca said.


"So you're just going to protect Phoebe from me."  He bit out.


"It isn't Phoebe I'm protecting " Francesca said calmly "It's protecting you and the guardians which is my responsibility."


"From what Phoebe," he said scornfully.


"From you doing what is right" Francesca said. "Protecting your child."


"Even if it was Source of all Evil, potentially," Cole said bitterly.  


"Oh I have it on the best of authorities that it is the right thing to do, to protect your child regardless of what it is." Francesca explained "I am told that your child has the right to unconditional care and love, that it is your responsibility to protect it. Mind you I rather suspect right or wrong you'd still do it."


"Am I responsible for this one?" Cole asked " I didn't get much of a say."


"You're responsible" she said " you ah .. screwed knowing its always a possibility. Happens with the best of care. Knowing Phoebe well is Phoebe, god love her. Knowing Phoebe wants what Phoebe wants, when she wants it, and she has no concept of enough. She wants everything."


Cole smiled. "And who is that authority that says I am responsible" he asked dryly.


"Oh Durand " Francesca answered, " He has his value. He knows right from wrong. He tells me that the bond between parent and child is for want of a better world sacred. Nothing to do with good or evil. It is right that the child is protected and cared for by its parents and vice versa. Guilt or innocence is not an issue.  That is Durand's wisdom and I trust it."


She saw the expression on Cole's face.


"Yes well having wisdom about right and wrong doesn't' stop him being a crude bore" she added testily.  " But that's the problem isn't it. What's right and wrong as a parent isn't the same as what is the responsibility of a Guardian."


"What do you mean? " Cole said.


"You're responsible for your child, but whether there is a demon/mortal born outside the Great Plan is the business of Arturo or in this case maybe Durand and I'm not leaving Phoebe where you could, where I know you would, do anything to protect your child. And" she said as Cole started to speak  "don't call me a bitch for doing what I have to do, when I am being caring enough to explain to you."


"If Arturo or Durand come after Phoebe" Cole said deadly quiet.


"You won't be there' Francesca answered firmly  "we all keep Phoebe safe and sit it out. If it's evil, it will try to find evil and Arturo or Durand will destroy it because it has no place, if it's mortal, god help it with you two for parents. If its demon, and not evil, I suppose we all wait and see. And it makes its choices.. like you."


"And Arturo will wait " said Cole sarcastically.


"He waited for you " Francesca said "Against some very good advice not to."


"And you told him to wait, did you?" Cole said cold and nasty.


"No " said Francesca "I told him 3 times to go ahead and do it, to get rid of you because Belthezor could not change. He preferred his own wisdom, to listen to his own conscience. He'll do the same for your child. It may be a calling to guardian. Who knows, none of us have any gift of the future, thank god. Phoebe is feeling by the way  its a mortal with a magic soul. Time will solve it all. We'll be able to tell soon enough. " Francesca said, "You'll just have to be patient until." She stopped and shook her head "Silly of me" she said, "You'll just have to put up with being impatient."


"What constitutes a demon?" Cole said bitterly.  "I'm not a demon any longer but its seems I couldn't exist outside the great plan."


"A demon spirit," Francesca said  "demon powers which you have" She offered him a little "I think the chances are good it being a mortal. Take away the demon powers and what are you, the soul of a good man, a magic soul with a core to absorb demon powers. The powers you have aren't yours and you have no demons spirit any more, the only demonic thing left in you without the powers is your nature. That's part of the soul, but it doesn't make you a demon."


'Oh I want to believe you" he said, "Everything will be all right."


"Not quite all right" Francesca said, "Arturo's children were plainly.. his, but .. they had a hard time of their inheritance. I suppose a demon nature makes temptation all that much harder to resist but you and I both know you exist because even beings born with heritage to good succumb to temptation, just like your father did. " She smiled "Durand will tell you it's your responsibility as a parent to help them learn to resist.'


"I think I can exist without getting close enough to Durand, for him to tell me anything" Cole sighed.


Francesca put her hand out and touched his arm. "Cole if when everything is over" she said "Promise me you won't wring Phoebe's neck."


"Can yell at her?" he said.


"I think that is probably okay in the circumstances" Francesca smiled


"I'm still gong to try and find her" Cole said in the sulky tone he used when he couldn't get his own way with Francesca.

"I know" she said and orbed.



The next day Cole was siting morosely at his desk, hating Arlene who had complained to her lover Kline that he was being erratic again, hating the Hasletts because Lara had used the word responsibility once to often to him on the phone that morning and he yelled at her she did not know the meaning it, and blaming Phoebe because she was the reason he had been happy in the life they created together and she was the reason he was unhappy now.


He did not quite believe Francesca could make things work 'up there' but out of frustration he pulled his computer over and typed in Phoebe s address and in capital letters wrote  "ILL FIND YOU PHOEBE. I LOVE YOU BUT RIGHT AT THE MOMENT IM WONDERING WHY.


So he was a little surprised when two days later he received a reply "I love you" she wrote "but I have to look after Whosit. I made Whosit happen Cole and Whosit needs me. Im responsible for Whosit and Im not coming back until Im sure Whosit is safe from Guardians and evil and good and you.  I'll do anything I have to protect our baby and I'll do anything I have to protect you from doing something I would never forgive you for. I LOVE YOU."


And he smiled reading the reply and then sighed, the poor kid could be stuck with that name for life.


He wrote back "I like Egbert or Gertrude but I suppose Whosit will have to do. Dont make me start seeing it as a person Phoebe. Im to scared. In the name of all that is good, Phoebe tell me its not evil or demonic. I need it badly. I love you. Tell Leo if he does not look after you Im going to be pissed and Im not some-one to piss off. I love you."


The reply came some days later  "WHOSIT ISNT EVIL, Cole and its Gertrude or Egbert over my dead body. I love you. PS Leo is looking after me. All he is thinking about is Piper. Tell her I am beholden to her for lending him to me when I needed some-one very badly"


"Damn Phoebe" Piper said softly when Cole gave her the message.




Roger Walford lay back against the pillows of the hotel bed very satisfied with himself. The beautiful blond Mrs Turner lying beside him was the ultimate in cool ladies, sophisticated sexual, adventurous and Roger felt he had more than met her needs. Even if the effort had left him not quite able to repeat it for a little while, maybe quite while. So he filled in the gap by talking. "You never married again after your husband died?" he asked.


"No" Elisabeth answered with a small smile and her eyes alight "only room for one great passion in a lifetime, and it is not my nature to settle for less, although there are times when it is necessary to compromise for a while" And she glanced at Roger's groin but as he was groping around her breasts he did not notice. "Its a family trait" she said, "We're a passionate family."


"No children " Roger asked feeling it was better to keep her talking at the moment.


"I have a son," Elisabeth told him "A grown son."


"Impossible" said Roger gallantly.


She smiled "I was very young when I married."


"And your son" Roger asked "What does he do?"


"Not a happy story " Elisabeth told him with a telling little sniff "I was young when I married, and my husband died when he was a toddler. I tried my best but he, my boy was always difficult. There are some children who are just difficult. My boy," she sighed "you love your children but he did not make it easy, questioned every value, every order, refused every piece of advice, ignored everything I told him. Pushed the limits, always looking for the wrong company. Tried to run away, constantly."


She wiped away a small tear and Roger put out a sympathetic hand flattered this beautiful and sophisticated woman was willing to reveal her vulnerability to him.


"My boy," Elisabeth said with a tremour in her voice "his education was a difficult experience for both of us, he just resisted, all the way. He had the ability, the brains but he fought learning. He had the best tutors, I gave him the best of everything, and at considerable cost I might add but" she shook her head, "He was a born rebel, fought all the way."


"What happened to him?" Roger asked hoping against hope the screw up son was nowhere near San Francisco.


Elisabeth sighed,  "We became estranged" she said "He fell in with the wrong company, he let them lead him.. astray. . I .. thought I had lost him. We heard but could never prove that he was killed, tragically betrayed by the very people he deserted his family, me, his heritage to be with."


"I am so sorry, " said Roger sympathetically, hiding his relief.


"But" she smiled' " The story may have a happy ending. I heard not so long ago what we were told about his death may have been .. exaggerated.  I heard he may have survived. I have hope" she said seductively "that the past may be in the past, this time my boy may even understand the .. error of his belief in these .. people. "


"I'm glad" Roger said trying to hide his dismay.


"That's the thing about children " she sighed, "You love them. They disappoint you, they fail, they hurt you terribly but they are your children and you love them and support them and always forgive them." She glanced down at Roger's groin. "I better go, " she said without a trace of disappointment.


"Another time" Roger said hopefully.


"Perhaps" Elisabeth said getting up "you will let me know about the Medusa head, won't you."




Paige was thumping through the book of shadows again as Cole sat on the sofa in the attic staring at the floor and Piper scrolled " Taskeel,  Munda ,Aya, oh joy I just love spiritual demons" Paige said "And they all need the Power of Three to get them."


Cole stood up asked Piper and Paige if they wanted a coffee.


Both nodded and he went down. He was back a few minutes later and gave the coffee. "No sugar" Piper said turning her nose up.


"Get it yourself next time" he answered unperturbed.


"You are no fun to live with" Piper said "how does Phoebe put up with you?"


"Shut up Piper, " he said without heat.


"Okay " demanded Paige "Is this Taskeel working with Elisheeva or in competition."


"Both" said Cole " forget about the demons."


"Yeah we know" muttered Paige " the innocents."


"I'm picking up heavy demonic essence in the forest north of San Francisco" Piper said " demonic worship, I think" the witches had learnt to recognise the signs.


"I suppose we better go save a few souls" Paige sighed.


"I promised Melinda I'd read a bedtime story," Piper said. "Idiots who go worshipping demons can wait on that."


Paige crossed her arms.


"Look" said Piper "You go keep an eye on them, I'll call Marly and then read to Melinda and when she's asleep, Cole can shimmer me. Its worth the shimmering to keep my promise to Melinda" she smirked at Cole.


"This is witches' business" Cole said" I can't help you."


"My usual ride is off looking after your girlfriend" Piper said crossing her arms, and a don't mess with me expression on her face.


"Call me when you're ready" Cole said.


 Cole shimmered Piper behind some trees where Paige was already hiding watching the ritual.


"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, I hate shimmering" Piper hissed as they came out of the shimmer. "Why does Phoebe like it so much?"


"Dont know" Cole answered straight faced "but she likes having sex with me too."


"Yeek " muttered Piper.


"That's a disgusting ritual" Paige whispered indicating the dancers, moving around some glowing green and ochre stones and a quite grotesque demonic idol." Do you really think any of them could be innocent?"


"Don't have to be nice to be innocent" said Piper. "I bet they didnt learn how to do that in a book " Piper whispered a few minutes later.


"Id like to see the reviews of the book" Cole added softly, amused.


 "Ive seen what I need to see" Piper said.


"Ive seen more than I need to see" Cole muttered.


"Prude " said Paige then hissed "SSSSHEEEEEET. Cole, look."


"What" he said.


"The woman with the dead goat."  Paige said.


"OMG" said Piper laughing.


Cole watched as blonde  with a large droopy behind, turned around to reveal in the firelight somewhat pendulous breasts. "Sheeeeeeeeeeet" he breathed. He gulped "Ive seen enough" he said.


"Vanquish fodder arriving" Piper said hastily.


"Time to go to work" said Paige.


Cole watching behind the trees saw Piper freeze the scene and in a few minutes Paige and Piper very effectively got rid of the vanquish fodder, then Piper with a flick of her hands blew up the stones and the idol. Cole waited for the girls to orb but Piper walked up to the frozen naked figure of the blond with the goat, Arlene, and stood staring at it, her hands on her hips. Paige came up beside her sister, weight resting on one leg arms crossed and stared at the frozen figures of the naked Arlene and the goat shaking her head. Cole finally could not resist.  He came over and stopped beside the girls, hands thrust in his pockets, he stared at the frozen naked Arlene and the dead goat.


His eyes widened and he mustered "OMG."


Piper walked around Arlene shaking her head. "I'd have like to saved that innocent," she said.


"We probably did" Paige answered.


"I meant the goat," said Piper.


Paige half choked, then put her hand on her sister's shoulder as Piper gestured to unfreeze and she and Cole orbed and shimmered away.


Back in the kitchen as the came out of the orb and shimmer all three looked at each other "Sheeeeet" they all said.


"Im going to kill Arlene" Cole said gulping "Im also going to be sick."


"That was" Piper breathed.


"Disgusting" said Paige as Marly on hearing their voices came into the kitchen.


"You know" Cole said contemplatively "I know Phoebes right when she says her breasts are fantastic, but compared to Arlene theyre a goddamned miracle.'


Marly gasped, put her hand over her mouth and ran.


"Cole" said Piper horrified "you cant say breasts in front of Marly."



Leo had slipped down to the Manor so Phoebe sat alone on the place where she sat and waited. Phoebe was rather glad to see him go. After more than five weeks living in each other's shadow and bored out of their minds Phoebe and Leo were quite ready to kill each other. So Phoebe was on her own in the strange rainbow coloured limbo world where she had this feeling of being outside her own existence. Phoebe missed the sun and she missed Cole.


At least before she left the Manor she had been able to talk to him and now she could not even hear his voice. Every part of her body ached for sex, she seemed to be permanently in what Cole only half jokingly called her in-heat mood, and damned the hormones that were affecting her. And she missed Cole more than the sex, she missed his laughter and his temper and she missed looking up and catching his expression that just said he loved her. She missed his affection. He spoilt her and she knew it.


He could be romantic but he could also be her best friend. She missed the sex and she missed long whispered talks at night. She missed the 'I want " game between them, Because thanks was such a special word to them, because when she had finally found the courage to say thank you to him for helping, she had won him back and it was a word to be savoured and whispered. She demanded, ordered him. She said, "I want." Occasionally he said a flat no but mostly he either smiled wryly and did it or grumbled and did it and sometimes after he would insist she say" thank you" and she would whisper the words and treasure the smile which crossed his face, the one that was for her. 'Thank you' were the only words that meant more than  "I love you."


She missed sleeping with him, she missed his habits, his nervous little cough and jerky hand movements that often gave him away when he was faced with mortal life habits that he did not understand. She missed the scent and feel of him and the strange awareness that touching their auras had given her of his presence. She just missed him and until now she never quite realised just how much loving someone made their presence a corner stone of your life.


This time apart from Cole she learnt the meaning of a word she had never fully understood before. She finally knew what 'bereft' meant. When she had parted from Cole previously it had always been in fear and anger and the separation had also made her miserable unhappy but she had never been parted from him knowing she loved and was loved. He had told her that he felt bereft in previous separations and it was the most miserable word he knew. Now she understood.


She was bereft not only of Cole but her family her sisters, their concern, She was alone and she was not used to being alone. She was used to the family noise and some-one to moan to and groan at her and be annoyed at her but to love her. She was used to her sisters and she wanted the security of them, needed the security of them very badly, instead of the eerie strange rainbow light of this half world limbo, the unnatural light for a mortal. She was sobbing to herself when she had the feeling of not being alone and she looked up to find herself staring into irritated annoyed and affection green eyes of her sister Prue.


Phoebe gulped and whimpered Prue and she stood to throw her arms around Prue, only it did not feel quite like the human person of Prue and Phoebe stood back a little uncertain and concerned. Prue's hair was shorter and her eyes were greener than Phoebe ever remembered and she looked both the same and very much older and very much younger.


"Is it you Prue? " she asked uncertain.


"In the flesh more or less" Prue answered, she crossed her arms" what are you doing here" she demanded in a tight determined voice


"What are you doing here?" Phoebe asked


"I live here, well exist here, near here and I got a very strong feeling of being needed by some-one I loved. Its a call we have the right to answer" Prue said "and dont try avoiding the subject. I know you Phoebe. What are you doing here, because you don't look dead to me?"


"Hiding" Phoebe whispered looking up at Prue between her lashes, the little girl, and the little sister.


"From what" Prue demanded green eyes flashing.


"Cole" Phoebe whispered.


"I thought he was dead," Prue said.


"Oh " said Phoebe surprised " I thought, Prue " she gulped "I thought Piper said you came back and talked to her before. I mean when we were going to vanquish him. I mean"


"Shut up Phoebe" Prue snapped. "The call can be answered only when a loved one needs you, not when you want to do what they call interfering. You dont get any smarter, do you?" she added sarcastically.


"Oh you shouldn't have come then, they would be ..not happy." Phoebe sighed. "I miss you so much." She added then said curiously little girl  "They aren't Elders I know, cause Grams told me once she was beyond Elders. Who are they?"


Prue grinned nodding, arms still crossed  "Goes without saying you miss me " she said " They are them" Prue found herself somewhere to sit opposite Phoebe, although Phoebe would have sworn there was nothing there before. "Okay little sister" Prue said firmly "Give."


Phoebe gulped again  "What do you know about my um current boyfriend?" she asked.


"Not a lot "Prue answered "They dont like me watching you" she sighed "They think I need to separate myself from you. I cant move on until I do."


"Oh said Phoebe "do they bitch at Grams too."


"Grams has not finished her business. Mom won't go either " Prue said. "Screw "em. Ill move on when Im ready."


"Why are there always theys "Phoebe asked sadly.


"Screw em " said Prue.


Phoebe giggled "I missed you Prue" she said.


"Your current boyfriend" Prue said rocking in irritation at Phoebe."I saw Piper and I know you, well that bad things nearly got to you and I know that well they have no idea about where that led. He is good isnt he " Prue said, "You dont have any doubts."


"No Im sure, well he isnt.. not good " Phoebe said.


"Whats the problem? " Prue asked. "You are still in the 'I'll always love you' phase aren't you?"


"Im pregnant" Phoebe said.


"Congratulations" Prue drawled.  "Isnt the new boyfriend happy."


"He thinks, hes worried there could be some um hereditary problems" Phoebe said "from his side and I dont want to have to fight him about it, so I want to keep out of his way until, well the baby is born or maybe we know its okay"


"Screw him," said Prue " oh I forgot " she said, " you did." She contemplated the rainbow mist "and this hereditary problem?"


"Whosit isn't evil" Phoebe insisted defensively.


"And the hereditary problem" Prue repeated crossing her arms and tapping her foot. "He's a goddamned demon Phoebe."


"He's not a demon" Phoebe insisted " Not any more, he's just..he's, he's some-one who couldn't father an evil child."


"Then why are you hiding from him" Prue demanded.


"I'm scared he won't believe it" Phoebe said. "I love him."


"Oh for god's sake " said Prue "have you ever looked at what loving him has done to you and our family."


"Yes" said Phoebe "I'm pretty proud of that."


"You never change, do you Phoebe?" Prue said.


"I've grown up" Phoebe said. "I had to when you left. That's why I know no matter how much I love Cole, I'm responsible for Whosit"


"Then maybe some good came out of me going" Prue said.


"Dammit Prue" Phoebe suddenly said "I still manage to screw up."


"If you know that," Prue said" you're doing better than I ever did." Prue said. "I've been thinking about what I did down there you know."


"Come to any conclusions?" Phoebe asked


"Well" said Prue a little sheepish "I can be proud of myself because I was a good witch who always answered the call and put innocents first."


"But" said Phoebe smiling.


Prue winced. "Well I have to say I have a few unfinished threads and"


"And" said Phoebe.


Prue swallowed "Just little things. Maybe next time I need to consider maybe, just maybe, perhaps I, I could have been just a little to sure, I may have believed I was right a little to often, maybe when I wasn't once or twice. I might have been a little bit to careless, you know, wanting too get in there and fight when maybe there were other choices. I may have been a little bit to determined to win. At all costs. A few times. I may not have listened to advice good advice when I should have .. once or twice. Im not saying I was reckless or rash or anything. Just sometimes a little bit to confident on the odd occasion."


"Aren't you bored just reflecting on you " Phoebe asked trying not to laugh. Humble and Prue never did work well together.


"Its not all I do " Prue said. "I do other things. Sometimes I watch."'


"Watch what " Phoebe asked.


"Like just before " Prue said' I watched a group of teenagers in New York, get hold of a book of incantations, demonic worship incantations. Really clever, it had been buried in the vault in Old Public Library. They're having an incantation party tonight, down there time. I think they'll get what they want."


"God" said Phoebe " they have to be stopped."


"Sort of demons they'll pull need Power of Three," said Prue.


"I can't Prue" Phoebe said, "I can't, they think Whosit my baby is evil. I'm scared."


"Well if its stopping you protecting innocents maybe it is evil." Prue said brutally.


"Whosit's not evil" Phoebe screamed, "maybe just has a little bit of a demonic nature."


"If its not evil, what you worrying about Phoebe" Prue said as Phoebe gulped.


 "Cole " she whispered.


"Screw Cole " said Prue "Oh I forgot. You already did," she added with a sly smile.


The sound of orbs tinkled in the misty rainbow light and Prue looked around "I better go." she said "I miss you guys," she added "That kid," she said "if you know you're right stick to it. Do what you have to.Don't let them talk you into anything you don't think is right." She reached over to hug Phoebe and just for a second Phoebe felt the warm flesh and blood feel of the sister she loved. " If you need me," Prue said almost hoping.